September 7

Crises define life. In them you
discover what you are.
–Allan K. Chalmers

How do you react in a crisis? One
person may be as devastated losing
her cat as another would be to losing
her father or her husband.

We’ve all had to cope with a
different crisis and we all cope in
different ways. If we can’t cope in a
crisis, then can we really cope with
life at all? We can help others cope
with their crisis by listening to them
and offering help where it is needed.

Our stories rely on crisis and our
characters’ ability to overcome them.
As writers and authors, we give our
characters the strength needed to get
them through the situation and come
out a better person. Our writing is a
place where we are in control.

Today: I will have the strength to get
through any crisis.

September 6

The greatest thing in style is to have
a command of metaphor.
–Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)

A figure of speech in which a word
or phrase is applied to an object or
action to which it is not literally
applicable. Examples: “Raining cats
and dogs.” “His words cut deeper
than a knife.” “She’s going through
a rollercoaster of emotions.”

A metaphor is a phrase that usually
compares one thing to another that is
totally different. We use it to fit our
scene, or emotion, or character. Her
eyes were as green as emeralds. The
author Annie Lamont wrote Bird by
Bird, a book about her brother’s
descriptions of birds for his school
project; descriptions he made “bird
by bird.”

Using it as a metaphor, she wrote, “I
take life bird by bird.”

Today: I will fish for metaphors.

September 5

Knocking on many doors is strength,
knocking on the right doors
is wisdom.
Author: Matshona Dhliwayo

How many times has opportunity
knocked and we’re just not up to
answering the door? The real
question is how many doors have we
knocked on? Have we made an effort
to get out there and search for what
we want? Knocking on many doors
until it leads us to the door we truly
were looking for?

Unlike the Price is Right, we do
know what’s behind those doors.
We’re just not sure yet where they
will lead. One way to find out is to
keep knocking.

Today: I will knock and find

October 4

Whenever two people meet there are
really six people present. There is
each man as he sees himself, each
man as the other person sees him,
and each man as he really is.
–William James

We are so troubled at times about
what other people think of us that we
cease to function in a way that we
are capable of. We wonder if our
mother approves of the way we keep
house, or if our friends approve of
the way we dress. As writers we are
especially sensitive to what our
readers think of our work.

Break away from what you think
others are saying about you, and just
be you. Cook, walk, read, write in
the manner that you want, not how
you think others want you to.

Today: I will be me.

October 3

If, at the close of business each
evening, I myself can understand
what I’ve written, I feel the day
hasn’t been wasted.
–S.J. Perelman (1904-1979)

Have you ever participated in National
Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)?
You need to write 1,667 words each
day in November. Sometimes it’s
easy, other days it’s very difficult to
find the time to fit it in.

If you’ve succeeded at writing the
minimum words every day, you’ll
have a 50,000-word novel on
November 30th. National Novel
Writing Month is really a great way to
get that novel started. At the end of the
month, you will have a rough draft and
it will all be down on paper. Now just
edit it, but don’t take too long to do
this, and don’t set it aside for later.
You want to celebrate your feat of
writing a novel in a month.

Today: Sign up at NaNoWriMo…and
get that novel published!

October 2

What an author likes
to write most…is his signature
on the back of a check.
–Brendan Francis

The only way to get paid for writing
is to write. We get royalties, and can
also make money selling our own
books. You can buy your books at
cost, and then sell them for more.

However, what we do now paves the
way for the future. Don’t look for
that check when you’ve never
written anything.

On the other hand, you are
published, you know how it feels
with good feedback, royalty checks,
and money from your followers at

Today: I will write and sign my
signature to my work.

October 1

Imagination is the preview of life’s
coming attractions.
–Larry Eisenberg

Imagine what you want and it will
happen. Not without hard work, of
course, but if you can imagine it, it’s
more likely you’ll strive for the
successful outcome. Imagine what
you’ll write next in your story and
when you sit down to actually write,
you’ll know exactly what words to
put to paper. Imagine the long line at
your book signing, or the unending
sales on Amazon.

What a great way to go to sleep at
night or to wake up to…your
thoughts of success.

Today: I will imagine my success.

September 30

Perseverance does not always mean
sticking to the same thing forever. It
means giving full concentration and
effort to whatever
you are doing right now.
–Dennis Waitley and Reni L. Witt
The Joy of Working

How many of you quit when the
going gets tough? When it’s too
stressful? When it’s too demanding?

Perseverance is an inner drive. It is
knowing what you are striving for
and for handling setbacks. It could
be as simple as never ever hitting the
snooze button again, or as hard as
saving money when times are tough.

Embrace perseverance, and keep
going until you’ve reached your

Today: I know where I’m going and
I’m going to get there.

September 29

Anyone who thinks there aren’t two
sides to every argument
is probably in one.
–The Cockle Bur

It’s definitely easier to see that during
a debate, there are two sides to the
issue. However, when you are in the
middle of a heated argument, it’s hard
to see the other side. There has never
been more dissention in politics until it
started in 2016, and beyond, and some
of us have even lost our best friends
by taking sides. This would be the
time to refuse to discuss such issues,
and to continue the friendship.

We have to ask ourselves, “Is it better
to be right, or to keep the friendship?”
In the heat of the moment, we may
decide that being right is the path to
take but regret it a few days later when
we realize that we have lost a longcherished
friendship, due to our course of action.

Today: Avoid discussions that hurt

September 28

People who are late are often so
much jollier than the people who
have to wait for them.
–Edward Verrall Lucas

“You should always show up on time,”
says my mother. “People are counting
on you to be there, and their time is
precious.” Good advice. Why doesn’t
everyone follow it?

I had a friend who was always late.
When I told her about it, she started
showing up fifteen minutes early. Her
early arrival interfered with my lunch,
but her late arrival meant we would be
late for our meeting.

We finally worked out an arrangement:
If she was late getting to my house, I
wouldn’t wait for her, but once at the
meeting I would be able to give her a
ride home.

If you’re constantly late, fix it. If you’re
always on time, bring something to keep
you busy until the others show up.

Today: I will not allow anyone to wait
for me